Sharp FX Pty Ltd is an Australian based special makeup effects company.
They pride themselves on delivering high quality products to their clients Australia wide and Internationally.

Sharp FX is headed by Russell Sharp, an industry professional with over 19 years experience.
Some of Russell’s credits include: The Hobbit, Matrix 2 & 3, Ghost Rider, House of Wax, Anaconda’s, Troy, Queen of the Damned, Babe 2, Prey and The Dark Lurking.

Sharp FX offers a wide range of services including:
The design and creation of Prosthetic Makeup , Special Makeup Effects, Creatures, Puppets, Realistic Mannequins & Animals, Sculptures, Props, Models & Sets.
Servicing clients from the Film, TV, Advertising, Museum, Theatre, Theme Park and Exhibition industries.

Sharp FX are specialists in the creation of super realistic mannequins and have mannequins and sets displayed in a number of museums including: The Australian War Memorial, The RAAF Museum Melbourne and various international theme parks.

Several puppets have been created and operated by the Sharp FX team for TV and film including: The Cairos music video and Scariacs Nickleodeon series.

Sharp FX specialises in the design, fabrication and application of prosthetic makeup, with their experienced team creating countless makeups for movies, TV, theater, photography and special events.

With a dedicated team of professionals Sharp FX is ready to take on any project large or small.

Sharp FX can bring all your Dreams & Nightmares to life!


About Sharp FX

Sharp FX Studio

Sharp FX has a fully equipped workshop, located in Melbourne VIC Australia.
They provide services for clients Australia wide and Internationally.

The Sharp FX workshop and studio is headed by Russell Sharp.
With over 19 years experience Russell, and his team of talented and professional crew, continue to deliver outstanding and revolutionary work to all Australian & International clients.

Sharp FX specialises in the design and creation of prosthetics & special effects make-up, life like human bodies & body parts, realistic & stylized animals, fantasy creatures, realistic mannequins, custom made sculptures, mould making, props, models, sets, puppets, body painting and life casting.

Sharp FX has worked with Film, TV, Advertising, Museum, Theatre, Theme Park and Exhibition industries.

The team at Sharp FX can work from a supplied concept or create a design from scratch.
They can conceptualise clients ideas via sketches, artwork, illustrations and three dimensional maquettes and sculptures.
They work closely with clients to achieve a finished product that will perform and meet the look of the clients expectations.

Sharp FX delivers work on time and to budget.

Sharp FX can work to the largest or smallest of budgets, treating every job as important as the last. They are committed to providing customers with the highest quality work and take a lot of pride in producing high quality products.

Sharp FX Studio exterior Sharp FX office Sharp FX Conference room Sharp FX Make-up studio Sharp FX Sculpture room Sharp FX props & models room Sharp FX mould shop


Sharp FX Services

Prosthetic make-up

Prosthetic Makeup & Makeup FX
From concept designs, to sculpture, to fabrication and on-set application, Sharp FX has over 19 years experience bringing characters to life with make-up effects and prosthetics.
From basic make-up techniques and applications through to complex full body prosthetic creature suits, single or multiple characters and creatures, Sharp FX has both experience and expertise in efficiently achieving the highest quality special make-up effects.
Using a variety of techniques and materials, Sharp FX is dedicated to bringing their clients vision to life.

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Realistic Mannequins
Sharp FX creates super realistic & lifelike mannequins for museums & displays.
All mannequins are custom made from life-casts of actual people so every shape and angle is as natural as possible. Mannequins are reproduced in fibreglass with heads and hands made using a durable skin like translucent silicone. Fingers and wrists can be made adjustable, hair styles and eyes are individually hand crafted to suit each character. Mannequins can also be custom sculpted to look like particular people or famous characters.
Sharp FX is striving to create the most realistic looking mannequins in the world at an affordable price.

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Puppets, Creatures & Masks
Whether it be a simple hand puppet, a cable controlled tentacle or a larger than life creature, Sharp FX is ready to undertake complex creature works of all kinds.
From design, to internal structure and function, to animatronics and on-set operation, Sharp FX is capable of bringing any creature to life.

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Custom Sculptures
Sharp FX can sculpt anything, large or small.
Creating realistic, cartoon style, fantasy, or abstract sculptures of all kinds, sizes and shapes.
Sculptures can be re-produced in any material including fiberglass, plaster, cold cast bronze, concrete, silicone, clear urethane or resin.
For public or private display, Sharp FX is committed to providing clients with a finished product that meets and exceeds expectations.

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Props, Sets, Replicas

Props, Models, Sets & Replicas
From weapons to large scale sets, Sharp FX creates realistic, believable and durable props, models and sets of any kind for use in film, museum, theater, TV or personal display.

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Life Casting

Sharp FX creates custom life-casts and body casts for private portrait commissions. An impression mould can be taken from any part of your body head, hands, feet, breasts, back etc…. and turned into a piece of art for your home or office. Casts can be reproduced in a number of materials including cold cast bronze, fibreglass, plaster and even crystal clear resins.

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Bodies & Body Parts width=

Realistic Bodies & Body Parts
Sharp FX creates realistic bodies & body parts for Film, TV and theatre productions.
Bodies and body parts can be re-produced generically or to match a particular actor.
Careful attention is paid to each piece to ensure a truly realistic finish, with realistic movement if necessary.

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Character Design

Concept Designs
Sharp FX works closely with their clients to create a suitable design.
Using traditional drawing techniques to 3D maquettes, Sharp Fx is able to assist the client to visualise their idea.
Sharp FX can work from pre-existing designs to create the clients vision, offering advice on functionality and final look while working within the clients specifications.

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Body Painting

Body Painting & Fake Tattoos
Sharp FX creates fake tattoos and elaborate body paintings for films, advertising, photography shoots and promotions.

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Advanced make-up FX course

Makeup FX Courses
Sharp FX also teaches part time Advanced Makeup FX Courses in Melbourne, Victoria.
For more information please visit our course website:

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Sharp FX Portfolio
Prosthetic Make-up
Minotaur prosthetic makeup

Zombie makeup effects

tree man Prosthetic makeup

zombie prosthetic makeup

female- demon- makeup

Dark Lurking prosthetic rabid
Gore face prosthetic


Realistic Mannequins

Creatures, Masks & Puppets
Minotaur Mask effects

Minotaur Mask FX

Minotaur Mask

Krampus creature suit

Krampus creature suit sculpt

Krampus sculpture close up

Krampus sculpture detail

Krampus creature sculpture

Krampus creature sculpt

Krampus bat wing suit



Sharp Fx Course - Student Work Pigman

Sharp FX Courses

Sharp FX offers a range of part time courses in their fully operational Melbourne workshop.

The courses are taught by Russell Sharp, a working professional with over 19 years experience in the film, television and theme park industries.

For more information, pictures and updates check out:

To enquire about the course contact Sharp FX via email.

Below are some examples of previous students works.

Student Work Example 1 
Student Work Example 2Student Work Example 4
 Student Work Example 6
  Student Work Example 5


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